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The Troopers are the oil in our engine. These valuable volunteers do everything from A-Z.
Whether it’s manning an information booth, directing foot traffic at an event, or performing
administrative tasks at the 916 Ink office, our Troopers keep us going!


Volunteer Testimonial

"I have volunteered with 916 Ink for going on three years and am also a proud donor. As a writer myself, I am honored to be part of an organization that has helped thousands of young people find their "voice" and become published authors, an accomplishment that is empowering beyond belief and that opens many doors in terms of their future educational, personal and professional accomplishments. The Friday mornings that I get to spend

around the table writing and sharing with these inspired and inspiring authors is the highlight of my week, showing me time and time again the power of a safe, nurturing environment to unleash the talent and creative potential within all of us. I have also been so impressed by the caliber, heart and commitment of the teachers and staff that work so hard to deliver the 916 Ink mission and vision."

- Dorothy Rice, Inspirator & Trooper