Ian Hadley   Executive Director

Ian Hadley

Executive Director

Ian Hadley – Executive Director at 916 Ink – has been leading our organization since January of 2018. He has spent his entire professional career developing effective programs for underserved children and families, and is eager to pick up the pen and help write the next amazing chapter in the 916 Ink story. Prior to working at Ink, his work involved building state-wide programs that develop Kindergarten Readiness, Youth Life-Skills Development, as well as Strong and Healthy Family Dynamics. In 10 years at the Child Abuse Prevention Center, he brought many innovative projects to scale with diverse partnerships including the First 5 Association, The Corporation for National and Community Service and dozens of community based non-profits throughout California. His projects have been recognized at the local, state, and national level for their efficiency and impact.

Ian was inspired by 916 Ink for a number of years before joining the team, and has also experienced the power of creative writing and self-expression first hand. Growing up in difficult circumstances while facing a number of early challenges, it was his connection to the written word which ultimately changed the trajectory of his life. He believes strongly that by helping youth experience that same positive connection to literacy, 916 Ink can continue to provide transformational experiences for youth throughout the Sacramento area.

Justin Self   Director of Advancement

Justin Self

Director of Advancement

Justin Self is 916 Ink’s Director of Advancement. His primary focus is in working with the wonderful people and organizations who, through their donations, make it possible for us to grow our mission and our impact. After spending the first five years of his career in the private sector, Justin decided that he was ready to put the skills he had developed into effect in the nonprofit world. An invitation to a book release party from a friend of a friend gave Justin a chance to see firsthand the incredible impact 916 Ink programs have on youth, and from there he was hooked.

Justin believes that when kids become engaged in writing they become more engaged in the world around them, and are better prepared for success later in life. He finds being a part of an organization that helps make this possible for so many children, many of whom have had few other ways to express themselves, is both humbling and fulfilling. After relocating to Sacramento from the Bay Area in 2017, Justin is excited to become a part of the local community.  

NiKki Cardoza   Director of Programming

NiKki Cardoza

Director of Programming

Nikki Cardoza serves 916 Ink as the Director of Programming.  Before coming to 916 Ink, Nikki was active in the Sacramento writing community and as a volunteer for 916 Ink. She also worked full-time as an associate education lobbyist in state government representing community colleges, school districts and employee unions. 

Nikki’s experience working with non-profit organizations began in 2003 when she started serving as a long-term volunteer for a faith-based aid organization in China. During this time she also served as an editor and publication designer for China Compass Publishing. After a short sabbatical to focus on her education, Nikki returned to the work-force as a Volunteer Coordinator for International China Concern.

In 2015 she completed her undergraduate education at California State University Sacramento where she graduated with a degree in Government.

She continues to write for fun herself and is happily revisiting the best moments of her own childhood, reading all her old favorite stories to her daughter Annie.

Paulette Greenhouse   Programming and production Coordinator

Paulette Greenhouse

Programming and production Coordinator

Paulette Greenhouse is 916 Ink's Programming & Production Coordinator. She has always been a writer, even since an early age. At six, she was crying over the idea of never being able to read, but by eight she was referring to her trusted World Atlas to create numerous country reports on staple-bound scrap paper with detailed Crayola drawings of the geography and appropriate flag. This research experience became useful when Paulette discovered her love for reporting, which pushed her to become an Editor of her high school’s newspaper, and eventually an Associate Editor and Art Director of Xpress Magazine at San Francisco State University, where she graduated in 2011 with her Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

Paulette then continued her studies and received a Multimedia Certificate through SFSU’s College of Extended Learning. She was introduced to 916 Ink when suffering a major creative block and wanted to find inspiration. Volunteering as an Inspirator helped push her to achieve goals that she had previously been unaware of. She now serves as the Programming & Production Coordinator to 916 Ink, happy to be contributing to her community and helping youth realize their own imagination and potential.


Maria Gavia is 916 Ink’s Production Associate. Prior to her work with 916 Ink, she taught English and Creative Writing at the high school level for four years. Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Santa Barbara, as well as a Masters of Fine Arts and Secondary Education Teaching Credential from San Jose State. She has served as a content editor for San Jose State's Reed Magazine and is an alumna of the VONA Voices workshop for writers of color. She has been working for 916 Ink since 2017, first as a Wordslinger and more recently taking on a myriad of essential responsibilities like assisting with book production, developing curriculum, and managing our facilities and inventory. When she’s not saving the day at 916 Ink, she can generally be found either at the gym, purchasing chocolate for her husband, spoiling her two cats, or professionally belly dancing.

Emma Hoppough

Emma Hoppough

Emma Hoppough is 916 Ink’s Production and Publishing Coordinator. After growing up in Chico, California, Emma attended UC Davis to earn a degree in English and a minor in Art Studio. She has enjoyed writing since she was a young kid scribbling in tiny picture books, and for three years she has written for the lifestyle magazine Upgraded Living. By working with organizations like BuildOn and Children of Tomorrow throughout college, Emma gained a greater appreciation for education- and literacy-focused causes. She’s excited to bring that passion to 916 Ink. If Emma’s not finishing up a project for work, she’s probably painting, picnicking, or losing spectacularly at a trivia night downtown. More often than not, she is also thinking about her cat.”

Nora Rodriguez Camagna

Nora Rodriguez Camagna

Nora Rodriguez Camagna is one of 916 Ink’s most tenured Wordslingers. She grew up in the California Migrant Labor Camps, in Texas, and in Mexico and graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Political Science. When she is not facilitating workshops with our young authors she spends much of her time working on a novel and short story collection about her Mexican American experience. Nora has been in Master Writer Workshops with C. Michael Curtis, Kevin McIlvoy, Robert Boswell, Tom Barbash, John Freeman and Karen Bender. One of her favorite things about 916 Ink is the opportunity to teach creative writing to underrepresented students in Sacramento. 

Dorothy Rice

Dorothy Rice

Dorothy Rice joined the Ink team as a Wordslinger in 2019 but has been a part of the 916 Ink family since the very beginning through her role as a long-time volunteer. After raising five children and retiring from a career cleaning up toxic waste sites as well as taking enforcement actions against illegal tire piles, Dorothy carried that experience to its only logical conclusion by earning an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Riverside, Palm Desert, at 60. Dorothy’s first book, The Reluctant Artist was published by Shanti Arts in October 2015. She has placed two dozen personal essays and stories in journals including Proximity, the Rumpus and Tin House Open Bar. An essay about her mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s was awarded second place in the 2018 Kalanithi Awards and one of her flash fictions has been nominated for a Pushcart and Best of the Net. Her latest book, Gray Is The New Black, a memoir of ageism, sexism and self-acceptance, was published in Spring 2019 by Otis Books. Dorothy is a certified Amherst Writers & Artists Method facilitator and was a longtime 916 Ink volunteer prior to joining the staff.

Concepcion Tadeo

Concepcion Tadeo

Concepcion Tadeo was inspired to become a Wordslinger by her daughter’s interaction with 916 Ink. Temmie had fun and related the support and respect she felt during the Word Squad and Amplify programs over two years. During that time she went from being a shy and isolated child that struggled with writing, to a mostly shy child that can spin stories and made friends with others who share her interests and learned how to listen to each other. Temmie also developed a love of literature and her writing improved - and she has the grades in middle school to prove it! Concepcion is a Certified Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) facilitator lucky enough to have received training and work directly with AWA Founder Pat Schneider. She has been writing in the AWA method under local legend Jan Haag for over a decade. Retired from the California State Senate after 12 years, writing analyses for health related legislation as a policy consultant, she is excited to be conducting creative writing workshops and working with youth again. Concepcion previously worked with young people as a community advocate and health educator for 14 years in the Los Angeles area. When she first relocated to Sacramento, she taught art at the Boys and Girls Club and later managed Youth Art Programs at the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. She is also a visual artist who works primarily in photography and mixed media arts. Concepcion studied Creative Writing and American Studies at UC Berkeley and currently conducts independent AWA writing workshops for adults. Her written work and photography have been published in Crossroads MagazineCaffeine MagazineBukowski in PicturesBukowski and the BeatsThe Ultimate Illustrated Beats ChronologyThe September 11 Photo ProjectSusurrus, Escritores Del Nuevo Sol, and Soul of the Narrator.  

Isabel Geerer

Isabel Geerer

Isabel Geerer is a Wordslinger. It is her dream job. Her interest in literacy came at an early age. As a slow learner, Isabel was teased by other students when she was in the first grade because of the low-level reading text book she had been assigned. Isabel’s grandmother was a teacher and helped her develop a love of reading by taking her to the library, picking out great books and then only reading the first chapter to her no matter how much she would beg her grandmother to continue. This sparked a life-long love of reading and an interest in being a teacher. Isabel developed that interest in teaching while homeschooling her five children through junior high and high school. Then, after her oldest child went to college, she finally got to go. She attended American River College, where she received a degree for early childhood development. She had always loved to write, so she took a creative writing class where she discovered that she enjoyed reading and writing poetry. The teacher of the class made it mandatory that students submit one story or poem to the college’s award-winning college literary magazine, The American River Review. The next semester, Isabel took the lit-mag class. The teacher, Michael Spurgeon, happened to be on the board of directors for 916 Ink at that time. When she introduced herself, saying that her two favorite things are writing and kids, Spurgeon told her to get in contact with 916 Ink. Isabel served on the staff of The American River Review four semesters in a row. She worked as Associate Editor-in-Chief and Managing Poetry Editor. She received a certificate for Literary Publishing. Isabel has had many poems published in local literary magazines. She volunteered for 916 Ink in their early days while she was still in college, then began to pursue her teaching career. Isabel has worked as a teacher in a before and after school program for five years serving low income families and teaching second and third graders. Her primary focus there is social development, teaching children how to use their words to get their needs fulfilled. Isabel still loves kids and writing and is delighted to be back with 916 Ink.