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Guest Editor

Guest Editors meet one-on-one with our youth writers to introduce them to the revision process and give them feedback on their writing.

“Guest Editing is a vital part of the 916 Ink method and publication process because it allows Inkers to see that their work is being taken seriously, as Guest Editors may often be renowned local artists and writers from a wide variety of different fields. When the Guest Editors come into the classroom and sit down with the kids one-on-one to discuss their pieces and try to help them to expand them and further use their creativity, the young writers’ smiles emerge every time.

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It’s my personal favorite part of the workshop because Inkers get to see that their stories are worth something, and seeing them grin as they hear compliments on their pieces from adults instead of getting the red pen treatment they’re used to is just phenomenal.”

—Jasanté Howard, AmeriCorps VISTA/Development Associate and Inspirator