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Finding their Voice

916 Ink delivers countless hours of creative writing workshops across the Sacramento region, primarily to at-risk or underserved youth. We have partnered with schools, local non-profits, community groups, juvenile detention centers, and many more to bring our method to those who need it most. As we continue to publish the young people who come through our doors, we hope to extend our reach, and provide access to thousands more youth from some of the most underserved populations in the region. 



"I leave here with inspiration ringing in my ears..."

Jonathan Murray, Grade 10


Why it Works

In every 916 Ink workshop you'll find a couple of key ingredients that make our programs  unique. Our approach, an adapted version of the AWA method, allows youth and children to express themselves in a safe and positive environment. By providing a supportive feedback structure, our Inkers gain a better social and emotional understanding of themselves and their peers, an essential set of skills for everyone to develop. Youth leave our programs with increased self-confidence, improved academic ability, and are inspired to continue writing in their day-to-day lives. We witness this transformation throughout the process, and it truly shines when our youth read their published work at a release party filled with their family members and peers. It's evident that they are a writer.