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Eagle Eye

Eagle Eyes make up Ink’s team of trusted editors. Assist with the publication process for each
site and help Inkers and other 916 Ink volunteers polish their work.


"So many wonderful grown-ups came to the class today, I was feeling the full 916 Ink vibe. I know the students felt something good. I told the editors that I believed the students got the hazy idea that their writing is important.

As for me, I’m more proud to be a 916 Ink host-teacher (if that’s the term) than ever before: because of Maria’s mastery, due to our Poet Laureate’s presence, having Matt be in charge from his chair (a first for my students?), seeing Cindy, the funny cheerful lady whom I met at last year’s book release party, and meeting all

the great editors who made MY day very special. Thank you! The students must be turning over the experience in their minds. Almost none of the students raised their hands when asked if they’d gone through the editing process. That’s something for me to feel good about of as I send them back to their English classes."

Tom McElheney - Teacher, Luther Burbank High School