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We believe the answer to Sacramento’s literacy crisis is to engage youth with the literary arts and empower them to love language and stories, thereby making youth more likely to want to read and write more, which will help them excel in life.

The writing workshops are generative, creative, and inspiring. Students listen, write, and share stories in a supportive and confidence-boosting environment. Fundamentally, we use a model called Project-Based Learning because it fuels our belief that youth can collaborate, make creative decisions, and work toward completing a goal of publication by engaging in the writing, editorial, and revising process. Youth excel when given opportunities to be stakeholders in their own education.




Word Squad: After-School Program

Imaginarium Field Trips

  • 916 Ink offers a 3.5 hour creative writing field trip experience for grades K-12 in our Imaginarium creative writing space located at 3301 37th Avenue, Sacramento, CA.

  • Students will enter the 916 Ink Imaginarium where they will explore a world designed to excite and inspire their creative resources!

Amplify! Summer Camp

  • Amplify Your Voice Summer Camps serve 60-90 elementary school students in South Sacramento with an intensive arts education experience, transforming them into published authors, fostering improved academic skills and producing one professional anthology of student work.

  • Students will have opportunities to engage with local artists in music, performance and fine arts to explore different storytelling methods!


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get my child involved with 916 Ink?

916 Ink partners with local schools and community partners to administer our workshops throughout Sacramento.  For parents whose school is not hosting a program, you can sign your child up for our Word Squad (our drop-in after-school program) or Amplify! Summer Camps.

Where are 916 Ink Workshops held?

Currently 916 Ink hosts 30 workshops annually at schools throughout the Sacramento Region. Word Squad and Amplify! Summer Camp programs are held at our primary location in the Maple Community Center - 3301 37th Ave Sacramento, CA.

What age groups does 916 Ink serve?

916 Ink’s Find Your Voice workshops are ideal for youth grades 3-12. Our workshop curriculum is segmented and applied in a way that caters to groups composed of students grades 3-6, grades 7-8, and grades 9-12. Word Squad After School program and Amplify! Summer Camps are open to all ages, but youth may be divided up by age to ensure appropriate instruction from time to time.

How long is a 916 Ink workshop series?

Our typical school-based workshop series is 12 weeks long, meeting once per week for 1-2 hours.  Word Squad After School Program is a 12 session program where students meet once per week for 4 hours a session.  Amplify! Summer Camp is a full day week-long workshop repeating multiple times throughout July.

How much does it cost?

We strive to make all of our programming available for free or at reduced cost to parents.  School-Based Workshops and Word Squad are 100% free to the public.

Can I bring 916 Ink programming to my child’s school?

We are committed to engaging with all schools in the Sacramento area who are interested in hosting a 916 Ink program.  Though most of our programming is grant funded, we also have the ability to provide programs to schools via our fee for service model.  To learn more, contact Justin Self -  justin@916ink.org.