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Every year 916 Ink empowers low-income and at-risk youth through creative writing, transforming them into published authors in the process. By doing so, we help these kids become more confident communicators who learn the power of their own story.

This year my goal is to raise $1500 in order to inspire creativity and positive self expression in thousands of Sacramento youth, will you join me?

Goal: $1500


About 916 Ink

Since 2011 916 Ink has transformed over 3,000 young people into confident communicators and more engaged students who have learned to believe in themselves and the value of their unique voice. How, you ask? Through an innovative workshop method the elicits honest self expression by the student and builds a culture of genuine positive feedback among peers. The culmination of our workshops is the publication of each student's pieces in a beautiful, professionally published book that cements impact and celebrates the achievement of these young authors. 

Why do we do this? Over half of the students in our region are reading behind grade level. Among underserved and historically disadvantaged groups of children the problem is significantly worse. Again and again, low literacy levels have been shown as a leading contributor to increased rates of high school drop out, adult poverty, and involvement in the criminal justice system. 916 Ink tackles this problem head on while simultaneously generating proven increases in other areas such as academic confidence, empathy, and creativity. We serve some of Sacramento's most vulnerable children and youth. Whether they are experiencing poverty, at risk of dropping out of school,  an adolescent parent, in the foster care system, experiencing homelessness, or involved in the juvenile justice system. 

Despite all of this impact, we are still an incredibly small organization with a small staff and small budget. Support from people like you is what makes it possible for us to reach these children and without you we will reach less of them. Join the Ink community today by donating what you can and help us fill the world with more smiling, confident, published youth authors.