Hot Literary Nights isn’t your ordinary non-profit chicken dinner, but it is a winner! At Hot Literary Nights we won’t bore you with speeches and statistics, no! Instead you’ll mingle - literary themed craft cocktail in hand - while exploring the activity of your choice. You’ll marvel at live readings by published youth authors. You’ll enjoy unique and delicious appetizers provided by local establishments and be serenaded by our live music line-up.

There will be competition in multiple forms. If you’re an experienced baker, join our literary themed cake contest! If you fancy yourself a factoid fiend, try your hand at our late-night team trivia challenge. Throw everything you know about non-profit fundraisers out the window, this book should not be judged by it’s cover.

Will you join us September 7th for a night of words, wine & whimsy?

Tickets sales open june 1st