Help write the story for sacramento's next generation


The Big Day creates more smiles, more stories, and more published authors than any other single event for 916 Ink. Our programs depend on it, as do the kids they serve. 

We at 916 Ink have big goals next year. Whether it's providing programming to youth experiencing homelessness, working in more title 1 schools than ever before, or providing a 916 Ink program to every student who passes through the Sacramento County juvenile justice system. But without the support of our compassionate individuals like you we won't be able to meet them. 

Beyond our big dreams, we depend on funding from individual donors to keep doing what we've always done: unleashing students' voices, inspiring their creativity, and empowering underserved and at-risk youth toward a better life through better literacy. 

The fact is, without a successful Big Day of Giving, we can't serve nearly as many children as we could with your support. Imagine you have 90% of the funding to publish a book full of young authors, but you can't send it off to the printer because you're missing that last 10%. That last mile is what our individual donors make possible. 

This is why we need your support, this is what it means when we ask you to #SupportaStory. Whether it is with with your time, your talent or your treasure, we hope you'll join us before May 3rd.