A Sweater Story

This December, participate in the holiday giving spirit with 916 Ink! You can support our efforts to empower children and youth through creative writing by telling us Who Wore it Worst! Vote for your favorite Ugly Holiday Sweater by donating to their team; donors who give ___ or more will receive a limited edition 916 Ink festive sweater! Need more convincing? Check out our teams below, and explore the website for an inside look at our programming and impact:


The Red Wryders

Our Front Office Clerk, Quinn "The Master of Meme" Tannehill, and the eventual winner of this competition, selected his teammates with 916 Ink's core values in mind. Literacy, expression, and lunch. Not only can everyone on his team read, but they also have no filter whatsoever, and freely express their opinions on the other teams sweaters daily. We also all highly prioritize lunch in our work schedules. 


The Pencil Express

They're the classics, they're the do-gooders, they're extremely qualified. There's just one problem... they don't know when to stop writing! This train has left the station and it's headed straight for the win. With Paulette at the helm of this operation, not only is this totally loco-motive the most efficient ever made, it also had it's brake surgically removed. This merciless, motley crew is leaving no kids unpublished.


Henry's Team.

They couldn't come up with a name because they were too busy making dad jokes about the other team's sweaters. They couldn't even get the picture right. :/