Thank you, to all who participated!

Thank you, to all who participated!

Our Big Day of Giving
was a giant success! 

461 individual donors came together to
support our youth writers and programs
during the 39-hour giving drive. 

Their generosity will help transform 800 low-income youth into published authors, confident writers, and healthier humans who can express themselves professionally and creatively. Plus, their donations were DOUBLED by other generous folks! Whoo-hoo! 

We raised a GRAND TOTAL of $107,337!!!!

Here's the breakdown:
$47,752 was raised by 461 individual donors in 39 hours
$56,585 was raised by a pool of donors prior to BigDOG to incentivize individuals to give. 
$3000 was won for getting the first donation of the day!

We'd LOVE to thank our Match Donors:

  • California Correctional Peace Officers 
  • California Realtors
  • California Firefighters 
  • California Builders
  • Building and Protecting a Safer California 
  • Toastmaster's Gavel Club of Folsom Prison 
  • Walk4Literacy
  • Midtown Outloud
  • 14 Individual Donors

We apologize if you were affected by the shut down of the National Big Day of Giving website. We know that was frustrating, but onward we go! We'd never give up on our youth and you didn't either!  

Please continue to spread the "gospel" of 916 Ink and our literacy revolution. Look for our 2017 Big Day of Giving on the 1st Tuesday of May! 

Thank you! Thank you to all who participated!